Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let the crazyness begin!

Well its been a busy year already. Good news, I got my results back from my MRI and they said My kidney was "completely benign, no follow up needed", this was the best news ever!

Conner is finishing his 1st semester as a freshman and I think he's getting the picture just how hard life can be if you wait until the week before to do all your homework.( oy vey ) I wish we could give them a glimpse of whats its like to be "grown up" raising a family , working, etc. just so they can see how good they really have it and they should do their best becasue this will determine the life they have later, but we all have to learn. Conner has been playing in the band at the basket ball games and he seems to love it which is good, the band and choir are going to Disneyland in May so that will be good for him, maybe bring him out his shell alittle more.

Hayden, Oh Hayden, where to begin, he is hilarious. He is asking so many questions right now, why people are in wheel chairs? why the man has no leg? why poop is brown ? lol (yes he really asked that) he will talk to anyone, in fact Conner and I took him to the movie for his birthday and we are sitting waiting for the movie to start and these girls come into the theatre Hayden yells" hey its my birthday, were're watching a movie, come on over" I thought Conner would die right there. Hayden does this to Conner alot. We were at the park right by our house and Conner walks up on his way home from school and Hayden tell the kids " This is my husband , Conner" and I wonder why we have sibling rivalry.

Anyway hope all is well with everyone and your New year is great!

Love, Helen

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